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Rover Mini Parts, Rover Mini Servicing
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Are you a Rover Mini driver?

Have you recently purchased a Rover Mini?

Well you are probably looking for a new servicing dealer who can look after your cherished Rover Mini and undertake “value for money” servicing and repairs.

Our national XPart AutoService centre network have invested in parts and equipment to provide you with exactly the right type of service to meet your specific needs.

The majority have lower overheads than franchised dealers and by using XPart MG Rover original parts they can deliver a quality service much more aligned to the current value of your Rover Mini.

XPart AutoService centres can carry out all the complex diagnostic and servicing routines that are part of Rover Mini service and repair. They also have access to technical support and training.

Quite simply it is franchise standard servicing at affordable prices.

Click on the ‘Search for your nearest AutoService centre’ icon to find details of your nearest XPart AutoService centre.


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