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Genuine MG Rover Parts, Genuine MG Rover Servicing. . . right here.

Where does the owner of an MG or a Rover turn now for MG Rover Quality Servicing that uses only MG Rover Genuine Parts? Your nearest XPart AutoService centre has the answer.
The nationwide collective of XPart AutoService centres has a special welcome for you – an MG Rover Specialist unit is specially equipped to take care of MG and Rover cars of all ages. The XPart AutoService centre network includes many of the MG Rover dealerships that formerly made up the manufacturer’s network.

Now they are ready to offer the same franchise standard services to you again, except with even better value.
You get the same skills, resources and trained staff as before, using factory approved techniques and genuine parts – but faster and with smaller bills. Check out the 'XPart AutoService centre' link to discover the overall concept and you'll see how we've managed it.
Click on the ‘Search for your nearest AutoService centre’ icon to find details of your nearest MG Rover Specialist.


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