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Diagnostic Appointments – saving you time and trouble

Problems usually arise when you haven't got time for them – and that’s where an XPart AutoService centre Diagnostic Appointment comes in.

Diagnostic appointments are short – usually less than 20 minutes – prearranged visits that enable a trained technician to talk to you and track down the problem and maybe even cure it on the spot.

If an immediate solution isn't possible, then you can make the earliest appointment convenient to you for a scheduled repair, knowing that the right parts and skills will be available on the day to complete the job without further delay.

A PRE-SERVICE APPOINTMENT ahead of your usual interval service is useful for highlighting the 'extra' jobs that you suspect may need to be included in your vehicle's time in the workshop.

A PROBLEM-SOLVING APPOINTMENT to tackle any issue that is concerning you means you can demonstrate it to one of our expert technicians, and find out fast what is needed and exactly how much it will cost to put right.

Either way, a Diagnostic Appointment is your fast-track route to a timely, affordable solution. Whatever the problem, whatever you drive – an MG, a Rover or any other make of car - just one call to your XPart AutoService centre will get you back on the road more quickly.

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