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At an XPart AutoService centre, you’re not kept in the dark or left guessing.

The XPart AutoService HealthCheck makes sure that all our customers know exactly what we're doing for them; what's more, we're also happy to let you know what you can be doing to reduce your motoring costs in between services.

Many customers believe that cars are too complex nowadays for them to have any role in their maintenance. Not so. A little understanding of the essentials goes a long way, and can help your car go further too.

That's why we have produced a series of helpful 'know-how' guides that will benefit even the most technophobic of drivers. Here’s a taster of what they cover...

  • Brakes
  • – some simple facts to stop you in your tracks
  • Cooling
  • – no need to get hot under the collar
  • Oil 
  • – how to keep your engine running smoothly for longer

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XPart is a Division of Caterpillar Logistics Services (UK) Ltd.