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Cooling – no need to get hot under the collar

Notice anything different about the way your car is behaving? There's a couple of tell-tale signs that something's not quite right with your cooling system...

WATCH THE CLOCK – many motorists aren’t even sure what it is but somewhere on your car's dashboard display there will be a small dial or digital 'thermometer' sign that can give you your car's temperature at a glance.

Most of the time it will indicate the car's running temperature at just under the halfway mark, a position it will reach quite quickly after starting. If the temperature starts to rise a lot while climbing a hill or falls completely at any time, consult your XPart AutoService Centre.

IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT – your car heater's performance can also be a useful clue to problems with your cooling system; if you think that your heater is not performing as normal, it might be time for a call to your car service provider.

BE CAREFUL... if you decide to check your car's coolant level in the reservoir under the bonnet. ALWAYS wait until the engine has cooled completely before removing the reservoir cap to avoid being scalded.

BLOWING HOT AND COLD – antifreeze isn't just for winter; it is also essential for cooling efficiently in summer and it is also vital for preventing damage by internal corrosion to your engine. Your XPart AutoService Centre can make sure your antifreeze is at the right strength or in need of replacement.

For more information about avoiding engine overheating or the risks of 'weak' antifreeze, ask your XPart AutoService centre for a copy of the XPart Driver Information leaflet on cooling systems.

If you drive an MG or Rover car, your XPart AutoService centre’s MG Rover Specialist unit can offer helpful advice and specialist knowledge in the servicing of models powered by MG Rover’s K-Series engine

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