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Brakes – Some simple facts to stop you in your tracks

As a motorist, you may become gradually become aware of subtle differences in the way your car feels to drive.

There are a few symptoms that can give you early warnings of potential problems with your brakes.

Noise – a grinding sound or squealing under braking could indicate worn brake pads, though in some cases grinding may occur without any foot pressure.


Pedal 'feel' – the sensation felt when your foot presses down on the brake pedal can also indicate a need for mechanical attention – unexpected resistance, 'sponginess' and greater pressure required to apply the brakes can suggest a hydraulic weakness

Vehicle behaviour  – if your car begins to 'pull' to one side under braking, or one wheel locks and skids before the others, or the handbrake needs to be pulled on further and harder than usual, this is a braking imbalance that needs to be adjusted in the workshop.

XPart AutoService centre Technicians are trained to the highest manufacturers' standards – including those governing MG Rover genuine parts braking systems - so any concerns you have with your vehicle's brakes can be quickly and expertly checked and rectified.


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