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What AutoService can do for you. . .

Everything. Yes, everything. From a replacement battery or tyre change to electrical diagnostics or even a total engine replacement, we can handle it. In other words, an XPart AutoService Centre can do everything that might take you a half dozen trips to so-called fast-fit ‘specialists’ to sort out.

XPart AutoService Centres are real garages, staffed by skilled technicians who know their way around a car from bumper to bumper and inside out, not just the exhaust or the clutch or the tyres.

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Their in-depth expertise in servicing has been gained through genuine franchise-standard training from car manufacturers themselves, including MG Rover and virtually every other marque on the market.

You will find that your local XPart AutoService centre is run by helpful, friendly managers who run their centres to suit their customers, not themselves. They will take the time to get to know you AND your car through your free AutoService HealthCheck.



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